Alice In Wonderland – Interviews : The Crew (& new Featurette)

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As promised here is the second part of the Alice In Wonderland Interviews, with part one yesterday with the cast members. Todays is with some of the crew Tim Burton, Richard D Zanduck, Danny Elfman and Joe Roth who all talk about the movie, Johnny Depp, Mia Wsikowska and the music. I have also posted an new featurette (me thinks) which has a look at the story of the film and the importance of Alice return to Wonderland.Apoligies if Ive posted the featurette before but I havent there is alot of new footage in it so the usual spoiler alert.

Alice In Wonderland came out today, so far I have heard a mixture of reviews more Im affraid towards negative reviews, I wonder if any of the debacle with the boycotting may have upped the expectation levels of people and so people are expecting even more. I hope tomorrow to see the movie myself and get the review online sometime this week. So have you seen the movie yet? If yes whats your views?

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