David Goyer Hired to write New Superman!

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source Latino Review

If your a big Marvel Comics fan or just an comicbook fan in general today is a bigday in news for you with the final shortlist been made for Captain America but in the DC Universe Latino reviews trusted source has reported some nice superman news.

According to their report David Goyer will write the script for the new Superman remake version 3. Many believed he was writing The next Dark Knight movie for Christopher Nolan’s Batman reboot, apparently he is only helping in the writing, not writing all.

In there source’s information he states Legendary Pictures head honcho Thomas Tull was getting very bored and annoyed of all the speculation and went right to the horse mouth, spoke to David Goyer about good old Clark Kent. Goyers idea for superman Thomas Tull loved so much as its inline with John Byrnes comic book reincarnation which Tull was looking for, very modern and funky so Giyer got the job!.

The other scoop was that the movie wont be called Superman or Superman 3.0 but Man Of Steel which further ties in with John Byrne’s version.  As in names connected to writing, producing/directing or even starring look like all to be untrue names like: Brandon Routh, Nicholas Cage. Bryan Singer is not expected to direct or Mark Millar to write either as Paul Levitz according to Latino Review source does not like him.

As for the actual story they go onto say that villians Brainiac & Lex Luthor will be in it but dont expect an origin story though, which could mean we expect (which we do) we already know about Lois Lane, Jimmy and all the other Superman regulars. In dire times for business Daily Planet is in big trouble simply down to the old t’internet and the bit we liked there’s a possibly arc of an krypton mythology story as well!!!

The Christopher Reeves movies were camp but great stuff as they were part of my childhood growning up, I didnt go an see the 2006 version well I didnt have a chace as I was in Italy working. If the above information is true and Goyer can do what he help to do to Batman bringing a little darkness to the man of steel I think were on for a good movie, stay tuned!!!