Piranha 3D – Trailer

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oh boy, this is taking the biscuit! I wonder who sits down in movie company thinktank rooms “hey guys  we dont have anything original to create, so what movie shall we remake?” simply they are dishing out some crap and this one looks like one of them, PIRANHA 3D.

As the title says 3D this is the only logical excuse for this flapper raising its ugly head out the shore. It seems these days if you want a movie out and if its not a remake (or is a remake) it has to be 3D. Its great some of these movies been shown in 3D but now its getting overused, even movies out years before are rumoured to be created in 3d, its just  over exhausting  a way watch a moovie (which is expensive) and people will eventually bored of it and back to basics (which it should now).

The movie stars Christoper Lloyd, Eli Roth, Richard Dreyfuss (back to haunt fish again, ala jaws), Ving Rhames,Jerry Connell, Elisabeth Shue and Kelly Brook. Amazingly this movie does have a release date in UK & Ireland ( & USA) of April 16th instead of August time.

The trailer below is an higher qaulity but still version of the teaser trailer which was been shown in front of Avatar stateside. Read the synopsis for the lowdown on this, eh movie.

synopsis:In Lake Victoria Arizona, a tremor causes the lake’s floor to open, setting free scores of prehistoric piranhas… Theyre back! Every year the population of sleepy Lake Victoria explodes from 5,000 to 50,000 for a single, wild weekend – the 4th of July, a riot of sun, drunken fun and sex-crazed mayhem. But this year, there’s something more to worry about than hangovers and complaints from local old timers. Lake Victoria sits in the crater formed by a prehistoric volcanic eruption, and when earth tremors tear open a crack in the lake floor, all hell breaks through. Piranhas – a million ravenous, razor-toothed monsters, unchanged since the dawn of time. Unstoppable killing machines acting blindly under one primeval impulse: to hunt down anything that moves and strip it to the raw, bleeding bone. In seconds. – imdb


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