New Theatrical Trailer for Repo Men

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Here is the GreenBand version of Jude Law‘s new action sci-fi flick REPO MEN. Universal Pictures have posted out the “friendlier” (or greenband) version of the recent trailer I posted the past week or so, so no need to sneek onto the net when mummy and daddy arent watching now!!!

I hadn’t a scooby doo about this movie until the redband trailer popped up and I have to say this looks fantastic and cant wait until this is out! The movie does see Jude Law in a part you’ve never seen him do before and he does kick-ass in it as well!!!

REPO MEN stars also Forest Whitakker who makes up the other half of the best  repo team who work for The Union. A company who supply sophisticated  expensive mechanical organs that improve our lives. There is an darkside to this extraordinary breakthrough, if you cant pay the bill for the organ the repo men come in and take back the organ with no care of your well being. What if the tide turns on you? Remy (Law) suffers a cardiac arrest during a job and awakens up in a hospital with one of the companies best organs inside him!

Liev Schrieber, Alice Braga, RZA, Clarice Van Houten also star and the movie is based on the book ” The Repossession Mambo” by Eric Garcia.

No release date annouce for UK or Ireland but REPO MEN will be out stateside April 2nd.

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