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Well Friday is with us once again and welcome to the first movie of the week for 2010! So whats on the screen this week? An apoclyptic Father-son tale, a compilcated romace for mature adults& sex,&drugs and rock ‘n’roll hitting me with my rythmn stick. An vampiric struggle to survive and not forgetting the most complexed mind busting test you’ll ever sit.

There was no problems picking this weeks movie of the week, it’s THE ROAD starring Viggo Mortensen, Charlize Theron, Kodi-smit McPhee and Robert Duvall. Based on the award winning book of the same name by Cormac McCarthy, this happy isnt a happy larry type movie as I noticed some newspaper journalists where expecting, this an a dark, emtional and deep troubling  look at a possible vision of a possible  future after a nuclear attack which a heart rending look at  Father/son relationship, a vision of some hope. Yes the movie has had its problems when we should have been talking about the movie this time last year, but after delays it has pulled to what looks a deep serious movie.

Exam did however run the movie of the week so close and this movie does get the old mind working and trying to put your best scooby doo investigation skills to good use. I do like the odd movie that makes the viewer think what the movie is all about instead getting movies laid out on easy street, the story is simple but is also an possible attack on todays society. Daybreakers is the only other movie I would suggest after the above two mentioned, after the past few years of been bombardied with older/teen vampire movies/tv programmes such as Twilight and True Blood its nice to see a slighty alternative approach to vampires where humans become bloodsuckers through a disease rather than been bitten.

Next week we will once again been in apoclyptic earth protecting some dude’s book, clocking up air miles with gorgeous Goerge as well as been been all about sandra bullock.

Anyway folks whatever movie you do go and see, enjoy it, travel safe to it in UK/Irelands freezing conditions and if you feel adventurous why not comeback and give us your review (with an score out of 5, and where you watched it as well as when), send reviews to:



Science fiction, Drama(1hour 51 mins)

Viggo Mortensen, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Guy Pearce

A father and his son walk alone through a post-apocalyptic America. Nothing moves in the ravaged landscape and it’s cold enough to crack stones. Hoping to escape the endless winter, they head south towards the coast, not knowing what awaits them there. Along the way they encounter refugees, organized militants, and must avoid gangs of lawless killers. With the exception of a pistol with 2 bullets, the clothes on their back and a cart of scavenged food, they have nothing. All alone, the boys must struggle to survive in a world no longer capable of sustaining life.

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.4417342&w=425&h=280&fv=]

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Thriller (1hour 41minutes)
Luke Mably, Adar Beck, Chris Carey
Eight candidates have reached the final stage of a selection process that might see  one of them join the ranks of a corporation. In a windowless room an Invigilator gives them eighty minutes to answer one simple question. There are only three rules: no talking to him or the armed guard by the door, no spoiling their papers and no leaving the room. He starts the clock, leaves and the candidates discover that their question papers are completely blank. They begin to suspect the question may be hidden in their papers, but all their efforts come to nothing. The candidates begin to uncover each other’s background, prejudices and hidden agendas. As tensions rise the clock the clock counts down to zero, and the candidates must decide how far they are willing to go to secure the job.
Horror, Science Fiction (1hour  37minutes)
Ehtan Hawke, Sam Neill, Willem Dafoe
Set in the future when most of the world’s population have turned into vampires,    courtesy of a plague, a group of rebel vampires make a discovery that could save the depleting human race…
sex&drugs&rock&roll (15)
Biopic, Drama (1hour 55mins)
Andy Serkis, Ray Winstone, Olivia Williams
A biopic lending life to the legend of Ian Dury: walking-stick wielding, word-bending frontman of top 70s punk outfit. Having suffered polio as a child, Ian Dury only ever had an outside chance at rising out of the mire of the pub circuit, but stardom awaits as he ditches his old band and forms The Blockheads. As their critical and commerical success builds, Dury faces fresh challenges in reconciling the iconoclasm of a rock and roll idol with the mundane demands of an alienated wife, a demanding mistress, and a son he scarcely knows.
[vodpod id=Groupvideo.4417468&w=425&h=300&fv=]
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Romance  (2hours)
Meyrll Streep, Steve Martin, Alec Baldwin

Jane, the proprietor of a successful baking business, has been divorced for ten years and finally has a steady and stable relationship with the Jake, the remarried father of her three grown children, and is establishing a flirtation with the charming architect who’s remodelling her Santa Barbara. But when Jane finds herself out-of-town with Jake for their son’s graduation, dinner turns into a passionate tryst and before she knows it she’s in the middle of a love-triangle, trying to fight off the advances of her own ex-husband.

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.4417494&w=425&h=300&fv=]

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