MARC WEBB offered 3 New Spiderman Movies

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Well since its annoucement last week of Spiderman going into a total reboot for a summer 2012 release the rumour mill went into mega overdrive. With no more Tobey Maguire or even Sam Raimi directing the rumours perceived Tobeys off to the shire to be a hobbit and everyone from James Cameron, Nimrod Natal, Wes Anderson, Michael Bay will direct!

Well all rumours can be put to rest now as Sony & Marvel Entertainment have confirmed (500) days of summer director Marc Webb will direct not just 1 but 3 new movies

Here’s a quote HeyUguys got from Coming soon :

“Sony will imminently announce a deal with “(500) Days of Summer” director Marc Webb to direct not one, but three ‘Spider-Man’ movies in a rebooted franchise that will focus far more on the private life of Peter Parker.”

coming soon have also stated that Sony have double confirmed the news through there Twitter Page as well.

According to Slashfilm an insider has told them a projected $80 million dollars has been set aside by Sony for the movie and could be a suggestion of a possible reason for Raimi been at the helm no more (he was looking at over $250 million at least). Despite what we’ve heard Spiderman will still be a crowd puller and will easily pull the $80 million no problem.

The direction of the movies will also be different from the previous 3. Staying away from the Evil super villan and going for a more teen high school agnst movie, like seen in the Ultimate Spiderman comic book series. New starts can be good but the fear is alienate the the fans who been faithfull with you from the start and if you alienate them they will just leave.

So now the director is in place so who’s going to be Spiderman? According to the rumours heard by FilmStalker Heartless actor Jim Sturgess is an possiblity  but its all rumours at this stage. Until more evidence is produced in who the cast is, the storyline, the fanbase Sony hope to target will eventually come out, Im sure Marc Webb will have his ideas as well his views on the already “written” script. All we can do is wait….

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