I Love You Phillip Morris: Trailer 2

An second offical trailer for I LOVE YOU PHILLIP MORRIS was released online in the past few hours and stars Jim Carey and Ewan Magregor as Gay Lovers! yes I said lovers!

Jim Carey plays Russell a happily married policeman who reassess his life after an accident and realising he’s gay. After deciding to live his life to the full he changes from been a man of the law to breaking the law and ends up inside jail, it is inside jail he meets the love of his life Phillip (Ewan Magregor). After breaking him out of jail the two go on big con bringing in more people and its all downhill from there.

This is an indie movie been released by Euro corp and despite having no release date yet for the movie in UK or Ireland it is likely it will see a releasepossibly same time as USA which is March 26th.

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