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A big thank you to Travis McCollum from THE MOVIE ENCYCLOPEDIA a fellow L.A.M.B (Large Association of Movie Blogs) member for this review, you contribution is very greatful Travis, thank you!

I do reccomend checking travis blog out which you will have to go to, to read full review.


by Travis McCollum

Movie Rating:  3.5/5

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.
Vampires suck. They didn’t used to but now they do. Back in the olden days with classics like Fright Night, Bram Stoker’s Dracula (despite Keanu), Nosferatu, and Interview with a Vampire vampires were feared and loved. Feared because they were genuinely terrifying but loved because they were so devious but so calm, cool and collected. Heck even Leslie Neelson made a decent vampire. But then vampires took a more demonic tone with movies like Dracula 2000, Van Helsing, Blade and the Underworld series. Now they were mostly feared but also kind of badass. But in 2005 something started to change. A book came out called Twilight. Vampires were now hot and so were werewolves. Slowly but surely people stopped fearing vampires but instead wanted to make love to them. The final nail came when the movie version of Twilight was released as well as a show called True Blood coming out. Then vampires stopped mattering as evil creatures and now people only care about the sexy SPARKLY vampires. Do people even remember 30 Days of Night now besides people who LIKE movies? And so its understandable that when a new vampire movie comes out that people write it off. And I almost wrote Daybreakers off. That was until I saw it one day when there was nothing better to do. Is it a groundbreaking film? No. Is it a masterpiece? No. Its just a decent well made thriller that is entertaining to watch.