REPO MEN:New Red Band Trailer

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Universal have just released the first offical trailer for REPO MEN. The movie stars Jude Law, Liev Schrieber and Forrest Whitaker in a what can be described as the hollywood version of the recent musical “Repo!The Genetic Oprea” by Darren Bousman (not  a sequel to Alex cox’s excellent punk/sci fi classic Repo Man).

The movie is based in the future where real human organs can be replaced by expensive artifical ones and if you dont make a payment along comes, Law, Schreiber and Whitaker and rip those organs right out your body. This is an gory, brutal graphical trailer so dont watch if got a sensative stomach, though this is an redband trailer so you have to enter date of Birth to watch the trailer.

Movie is directed by Miguel Sapochnik his first feature movie and Alice Braga and Clarice Van Houten also star. Repo Men doesnt have an UK/Irish release date yet but the movie will be out in USA April 2nd, expect similar if not summer release date.

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