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Here’s a new and final trailer for Guy Ritchie’s adaptation of Sherlock Holmes. The first 2 trailers where virtually indetical and this one does thankfully have a little more new footage but Im a believer of not showing too much footage, just enough to entice the viewer to check out the movie but I think I may have seen too much.

To be honest I’ve never been a fan of Sherlock Holmes but I am curious to see this movie as I do like alot of movies Robert Downey Jnr has been in plus even though I’m not a big Sherlock Holmes fan I do have a lot of respect for the character and will check the movie out. This trailer does look alot better than trailer one and two and also seems to show a little more of the storyline so overall it looks alot better movie.

Robert Downey Jnr I admit hasn’t been too bad with his accents but I think his English accent is leaning a little to the dodgy side, possibly its because Jude Law been English actor its standing out a little bit more, though I have heard worse accents!

Sherlock Holmes will be cheering up our festive spirits when the movie is released in UK and Ireland on December 26th.

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