DESPICABLE ME New Trailer (no2)


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Here’s a new second trailer for DESPICABLE ME which was released today by Universal Pictures. This is another animation following the 3-D route  and like any trend it gets overused and people may (or may not) get bored of it. There is an Array of actors voicing this movie: Steve Carell, Jason Segel, (unfunny) Russell Brand, Will Arnett, Kristen Wiig, Julie Andrews, Danny Mcbride and Miranda Cosgrove.

I have to say I didnt pay much attention to trailer one which came out in July which is 15 months before the movie’s actual release which is 15 October 2010! Even this trailer is a tad early. I dont know if this will be funny, well if you have Rusell Brand in your movie be it only voice acting you must be desperete. You can obiviously see my excitement  for this movie is strong!! ah right! Watch the trailer and tell me what you think….

Groo, an Intolerable villain masterminds the ultimate plot to steal the moon, with help from his evil mother. However, when a trio of orphan girls come under his care and refuse to leave, he is forced to rethink his plans. (source SCREENRUSH)


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