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We are all used to to seeing movies promoted via numerous trailers, tv spots, interview, posters and featurettes but the past few years alot of movies have been using viral marketing. Viral’s are another sometimes genius way to promote the awareness of a movie or even a product without actually giving away what your promoting,though some virals its a little obvious. These virals could be online trailers, flash games, images, ebooks, sometimes the viral is a like a word of mouth promotion.The past few days THE BOX and SHERLOCK HOLMES have released some virals.

Below are 3 video virals for THE BOX and if you’ve seen any of the tv spots YouAreTheExperiment crops up several times but what it means we’re unsure. These virals are based on the 1970’s appollo space landings and the viking space programme which sent several probes to Mars, the other is about Advanced Research Laboratory so whats the connection with the movie? We do know James Marsden’s character works at Nasa, was it something they where doing there? only time will tell. Warner have created a cool looking viral website where the videos come from and if you look at the bootom of the screen they have a bu tickets link so there not hiding the meaning of the website. Have a look at the website HERE and I do like the music on the site as it builds the dark creepy feel to it.

SHERLOCK HOLMES movie has a viral game which you play via your facebook account and a game that leads upto the openeing scenes of the movie which is great keeping the connection and building up momentum for the movie. Its a 2 player game and I tried it on my own but i have to pick someone from my facebook friends list.

This new game may have a connection to the mini-game I missed in August but what i’ve saw the game does look funhere’s the LINK to game

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.3789642&w=425&h=350&fv=]

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