Toy Story 3: 5 New Featurettes



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It’s a long way away before woody and buzz lightyear and the gang will be back on our cinemas for the new third outing of toy story, july 23rd 2010 to be precise.Some of you maybe enjoying seeing The first 2 movies in glorious 3-D but today Disney-Pixar have released 5 new featurettes for you to enjoy.

The featurettes take a look behind the scenes and the director of movie one and two John Lassetter talks about his memories and he introduces us to the new toyline. There will be a few ne characters joining for the 3rd movie; Mr Pricklepants voiced by Timothy Dalton and Ken voiced by Mr Bettlejuice Michael Keaton. When you do watch these featurettes you will notice they are basically like tv ads for Disney to plug the new toy range, true, but its interesting to hear John Lassetter’s thoughts on the first two movies. Watch them and leaves your thoughts in the comments box.

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