Well I now where my missing cheese went, it’s made itself into this trailer called TOOTH FAIRY which was released online today.

Well the Tooth Fairy stars Dwayne Johnson or he’s known to the millions and million of Rock fans aka The Rock the former WWE wrestler. Dwayne Johnson plays a pro ice hockey player knicknamed the Tooth Fairy by opposition players and basically gets himself into big trouble, however he is granted magical powers and forced to do goodness to all he meets.Ok this looks like total crap, but Dwayne Johnson now seems to get family friendly movies which simply …. CRAP. He is like many of his ex-WWE compadre’s who come to hollywood do a few action movies and fall down the ladder to dark decrepit z movie wilderness. Believe it or not Julie Andrews, Billy Crystal and ashley Judd are in this as well.The poster for this movie is down below and the thing I do like about it is the fact we get to see Dwayne Johnson give us the peoples eyebrow!!! “If Yeah Smell…What the Rocking is cookin!!!”

Tooth Fairy will be sneaking into A british and Irish cinema on 29th January 2010.

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