Shutter Island: Trailer No.2

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Today Paramount Pictures have released trailer number two for Martin Scorsese’s Dark Thriller Shutter Island online. If you watched the first trailer the new one follows on from the first with all the same trimings, but if you remember the first trailer was seen as a bit of a spoiler.

Shutter Island is based on a Dennis Lehane novel and follows U.S Marshall Teddy Daniels played by Leonardo Di Caprio who travels to a small island called Shutter Island which just off the Massachusetts harbour coastline. On this island there is a Asylum for the Criminally  insane to find a murderous patient but nothing as it seems at this mental hospital. You can say the same about Teddy and is he here to find this patient or to look into the radical approach to pyschotherapy the Hospital uses? The closer you look at Teddy and Chuck his partner( Mark Rufalo) they ask themselves will they actually leave the island themselves? there’s a force trying to drive them insane….

The movie also stars Ben Kingsley, Michelle Williams, Jackie Earle Haley and Max Von Sydow. Movie was due to be released next weekend October 9th but  for some unknown reason its now coming out in 4 months time in February 19th 2010! Enjoy the trailer and please comment below on the trailer