Sherlock Holmes: Trailer B

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Trailer 2 for Guy Ritchie’s version of the classic fictional detective movie Sherlock Holmes is now online.

Ill admit i’ve never been the greatest Sherlock Holmes fan but my friend who is a big fan of the old British Highbury studio movies of the 1930s/1940’s which I believe some of the old basil rathbone Sherlock Holmes movies were made. As any movie fan I am curious to check the movie as a movie fanatic rather than a sherlock holmes fan. As mentioned in the post I wrote several months back Do we need another version of Sherlock Holmes and if yes what difference will this new movie bring?

Looking at the trailers and the other promotion that has been released it does look like Ritchie is staying away from the sterotypical traditional look that television and other movies have stuck by going for a more edgey look, making Sherlock more real than fictional. If you’ve read the books you know Sherlock Holmes wasnt the squeeky clean person as prtrayed on TV but intelligent man who loved street fighting, a regular and open hard drug user who didnt care much about his hygine.

With news weeks ago that Movie 2 was going to be made before movie 1 had been screened and with possiblity of Brad Pitt appearing as Moriaty Guy Ritchie has taken a big gamble and for his sake lets hope the movie is worthy of a second one.This new trailer does look very similar to trailer one and the international trailer but there is a little more footage and dialogue thrown in so its worthy of a look.

Sherlock Holmes will be out in USA Christmas Day December 25th and in UK/Ireland December 26th.

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