March 21, 2023

Law Abiding Citizen: Interviews – Jamie Foxx, Gerard Butler, Viola Davis, Leslie Bibb,Gary Gray




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On November 27th in UK and Ireland Law Abiding Citizen will hit the cinemas and the movie stars actor Gerard Butler (and fellow Paisley man), Jamie Foxx, colm meaney, Bruce MaGill and Leslie Bibb a real good cast.

Law Abiding Citizen is about Clyde Shelton (Butler)a normal updstanding family man is is forced to watch his family be brutally murdered in front him. When the Killers are caught the justice system fails and lets Shelton down and no justice is served on the killers. When justice fails Shelton takes the law into his own hands, Jamie Foxx plays the high flying young lawyer who is forced by his bosses to cut a deal for the killers setting up a cat and mouse movie.

I have to say Gerald Butler has done a few howlers since 300 (even by some 300 is regarded as a howler, not me) and this movie looks to be a cracker and very solid performances all around.

So down below there is some interviews with Jamie Foxx,Gerard Butler, Viola Davis, Leslie Bibb and Director Gary Gray.

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