March 30, 2023


can you smell that? smell what? oops thats just ma pants after watching Pandorum!!!


I have to say since I found the first ever trailer away back early summer I’ve been hooked on Pandorum. I got even more excited when i watched the trailer on the big screen plus seeing all the photos, posters as well and nearly having a few pant filling moments.

Talking of  Pant filling moments thanks to Shock Til You drop and Bloody Disgusting here is 2  new clips from the movie that hype up the level to a level 10 brown trouser moment. Its sees Ben Foster (3:10 to Yuma, X-3, 30 Days of Night) doing his up level best to pursue in daily exercising of RUNNING after months in a deep sleep chamber with nasty aliens on board chasing him and Bens friends.

If you’ve been in cloud 9 recently Pandorum follows the story of Payton (Dennis Quaid) and Bower (Foster) crew members on a deep space mission who wake up in a big dark ship with no memory of there mission or who each other is until they find their not alone (He’s Behind You!!!!).

I’m afraid we have to wait until 2nd October before we can see this flick so that gives you plenty of time to buy some new clean underwear.