March 26, 2023




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Thanks to Trailer Addict here is the third trailer from Twilight saga: New Moon. This is a full length trailer which does show a little bit more including the introduction of the vampire higher arachy the Volturi.

This trailer shows Edward leave Belle again for her own safety and edward feels in a suicidal mode and heads straight to the Volturi basically to his own ‘death’. Volturi protect the existance of the vampires within the human world and would even kill their kind to protect there actual exsistance  been exposed to humans. The brillant Michael Sheen as Aro the head of the Volturi and Dakota Fanning as Jane.

Tell us what you think of the trailer and movie in general by leaving a little comment. New Moon will be out on release November 20th or be like me and wait a week and let all the screaming teenage girls drool first!

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