boondock saints 2: All Saints Day trailer [HD]

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The Boondock Saints 2 :All Saints Day trailer is now online, watch it here…..

When I first saw this trailer been advertised I was like Boondock Saints who???? Well 10 years on this cult following movie is back with a sequel.

According to our friends at Empire Magazine online when this movie’s trailer was aired at the recent Com-Con the reception it received went through the roof. If you like lots of guns, swearing and slow motion action you’ll love this.

Minus Willem Dafoe all the main stars are back: Sean Patrick Flannery & Norman Redus as the MacManus Brothers, Billy Connolly (yes The BigYin!) as Daddy aka¬† “II Duce”, Judd Nelson, Peter Fonda and Julie Benz . Movie is written and directed by Troy Duffy

Personally it looks very cheesy it doesnt really interest me (plus its looks a clone of the first one) but hey there is someone out there who’ll like it and loved the first one, it does have a cult following!

No UK release date but out in the USA October 30th.