The Other Man Trailer [HD]


The Trailer for Liam Neeson’s Latest Movie The Other Man is now online . The film was directed & written by British Director Richard Eyre (Atonement, Iris).

The Film is about a husband(Liam Neeson)  who suspects his wife of adultery (Laura Linney) and he discovers the texts, emails his wife has been getting from Ralph (Antonio Banderas). His obbession to find this mysterious man gets out of hand and against his daughters advice (Romola Garai) seeks out this man to gain his vengance.

The movie is an adaptation of Bernhard Schlink’s novel The Other Man and the film is been released by Rainmark Films (on location at Ealing Studios).

The Film will be shown at the London Film Festival on 17th October expect the film to be out in UK cinemas the following week.