July 1st/3rd 2009: Movie choice of the week


It’s finally here Johnny Depp as John Dillinger in Public Enemies is out today. Dillinger is the the pretty boy gangster of the 1930’s, the last of the big bank robbers, which the mob hate but the people love him. J.Edgar Hoover’s new FBI is on the hunt for America’s notorious gangster making this a action packed more with its fair share of gore.

The film is directed by Michael Mann (Collateral, Heat) and along with Johnny depp there is a massive cast of talent with Christian bale the fbi agent assigned to bring Dillinger down, Marion Cottillard as Francie Dillingers love interest and Billy Cudrup playing the sadistic crossdressing Hoover.

The film is released 2 days before the rest of the new films and its up against a few other good films including Horsemen (dennis Qauid) and the third installment of Ice Age: Dawn of Dinosaurs.

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