Update- 8.06.09

Updated the coming soon list, including trailer for the up in coming Tim Burton 9 post appolyptic animation, also some more 2011 film dates. Ive also put Toy Story 3 teaser on, plus the blog is now on blogged, redit, digg and delicious social networks possibly a few more in near future. I am about to work on a post (possibly several parts) on Hayao Miyazaki, the Japanese animation legend, the man behind Studio Gihbli. I may however make a animation post in general, I have an idea on the dissertation essay I created for my graphic design degree in 2002.

Im very greatful for everyone who has been to my blog, I know it isnt perfect but I do my best to make it as diverse as possible, so i would be greatful for any comments to be posted or even post your own contributions. If you are not a blogger on wordpress please have a look at my contact info page and email me your contribution.

Rate My Cinema is taking slightly longer than expected simply due to been the end of my college course and im concetrating finishing that work first. As for the design of this blog I am still on the free hosting and at the moment ill keep it that way for time been so at the moment I cant change the blogs header though i may change the look every so often, taking a design from the free templetes.