Thank You all! Please get involved

To  everyone who has visited my blog from the bottom of my heart Thank you, I appreciate you taking time to look at my little blog. Ive been doing the blog since November 2008 when I was in the heart of doing my college work and did my best to post as much stuff as I could, but the college work was over taking everything, so Mid May 2009 I came back to the blog wiped the archive  and started all again and promoting the blog big style.Anywhere I could promote the blog I would do it, I joined twitter, Delicious, Stumble upon, Blogged, Digg, Reddit and so on and the promotion seems to be working. I appreciate everyone  taking time to read what Ive got to say, but I would like more people send your reviews of the new films, Yes I am based in UK and majority of the release info will be UK/Irish but if you live outside UK please send reviews, if its a film not out in UK I will hold your review off either until UK release day or a few days before. You got trailers to post let me know, more hot off the press they are the better. If you want to reply to a posting or article please do so or even write your own, the article just has to be cinema/movie orientated, it cab funny or serious or both! Most of all if you do a blog be it movie or non-movie lets add each other to our blogrolls/links.

I have a few things I want to do, plus Im working on keeping the pages up to date as possible, so once again guys where ever you are thank you!

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