To  everyone who has visited my blog from the bottom of my heart Thank you, I appreciate you taking time to look at my little blog. Ive been doing the blog since November 2008 when I was in the heart of doing my college work and did my best to post as much stuff as I could, but the college work was over taking everything, so Mid May 2009 I came back to the blog wiped the archive  and started all again and promoting the blog big style.Anywhere I could promote the blog I would do it, I joined twitter, Delicious, Stumble upon, Blogged, Digg, Reddit and so on and the promotion seems to be working. I appreciate everyone  taking time to read what Ive got to say, but I would like more people send your reviews of the new films, Yes I am based in UK and majority of the release info will be UK/Irish but if you live outside UK please send reviews, if its a film not out in UK I will hold your review off either until UK release day or a few days before. You got trailers to post let me know, more hot off the press they are the better. If you want to reply to a posting or article please do so or even write your own, the article just has to be cinema/movie orientated, it cab funny or serious or both! Most of all if you do a blog be it movie or non-movie lets add each other to our blogrolls/links.

I have a few things I want to do, plus Im working on keeping the pages up to date as possible, so once again guys where ever you are thank you!

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Paul Devine

The founder of The People's Movies, started the site 20th November 2008.The site has excelled past all expectations with many only giving the site months and it's still going strong. A lover of French Thrillers, Post Apocalyptic films, Asian cinema. 2009 started Cinehouse to start his 'cinema education' learning their is life outside mainstream cinema. Outside of film, love to travel with Sorrento, Guangzhou and Manchester all favourite destinations.Musically loves David Bowie, Fishbone, Radiohead.

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