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the-family-robert-de-niro DVD

DVD Review – The Family (2013)

You’d be forgiven – considering those involved – for mistakenly thinking that The Family (2103) would make for reasonably passable...


Review – Frozen

Frozen (2013), Disney’s latest fairytale inspired animated feature, directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, written by Buck, Lee and...

the_look_of_love-paul-raymond DVD

The Look Of Love DVD Review

Referring to director Michael Winterbottom’s latest film The Look of Love (2013) as a drama / comedy, is something of...


The Smurfs 2 Review

The Smurfs 2 (2013) sees those little blue gnomes back and proving more mischievous than ever in the new sequel...

sigil_crop DVD

The Sigil DVD Review

The Sigil (2012) is a pseudo horror film, masquerading under the false impression that it is scary, when in-fact its...