The Conjuring ‘Crooked Man’ Getting Spin-off Movie

The Conjuring ‘Crooked Man’ Getting Spin-off Movie

If it’s not rebooted universes or comic book movies spin-off movies seem to be the ‘in thing’ these days and The Conjuring is getting another one. The Crooked Man!

The character first appeared in The Conjuring 2 the London based sequel, which is based around a very old Nursery rhyme – “There was a crooked man, and he walked a crooked mile/ He found a crooked sixpence upon a crooked stile/ He bought a crooked cat, which caught a crooked mouse/ And they all lived together in a little crooked house.” James Wan brought that terror to life in Enfield 1970’s now it’s time for its own movie.

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The Hollywood Reporter is reporting Mike Van Waes has been signed up to deliver a script for this universe with James Wan and Peter Safran producing.His appearance in the last The Conjuring movie was brief as a manifestation of the evil that terrorised the family. Some say it was similar to the way The Babadook terrorised or keeping to the franchise The Nun who is also getting a spin-off movie too. The spin-off movies all started with the creepy doll Annabelle who is about to get a prequel to her first movie this Summer. The Nun spin-off will star Damien Bichir as the priest who investigates the mysterious death of a nun

You could argue cinematic universes are not exclusively for comic book characters, horror franchise has equally the same potential to expand their universes as much as Marvel or DC. It all boils down to the quality of the source of material and when James Wan created The Conjuring you could sense there was more to come outside The Warrens. They have a full room of horrors with evil entities attached to each you wonder how much more movies there will be after this one.

Annabelle: Creation is set for an 11th August release, The Nun is aiming for July 2018 with The Crooked Man date of production and release still to be confirmed.

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