Transformers 4 Gets New Logo, New Robots Coming Too

Transformers 4 Gets New Logo, New Robots Coming Too

Let’s be Honest this franchise is only around now as it’s a cash cow for the Paramount Pictures and there’s no way after 3 films their going to give it up especially when it rakes 1 billion plus per film. The first film was over the top adulterating fun but the next 2 films quality has been much to be desired apart if your a 13 year old kid. So money does talk Michael Bay is back despite stating he wasn’t going to but as the stories we’ve been hearing since his announcement he looks like he’ll be the only person coming back from the franchise in general as no cast from the previous films is been reported to be in Transformers 4. So now all the focus will be on the robots themselves and it looks like the fourth film maybe just more than redesigned robots.

This week at UBS Best Of Americas 2012 Conference Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner talked to the conference about the future of their franchise, he revealed the first logo for the film (see above) but they can expect new characters too.

“Regarding toy sales… it’s because of same characters in all three movies. This is why Transformers 4 will have a new cast of [robot] characters and it will be a story revolving around these new characters.”

It’s obvious Hasbro who own the Transformers rights want a new toy range and Box office was Dark Of The Moon  was good but toy sales was disappointing so now they want back in the act with Paramount.With so many film lovers and critics highly critical of the films with the motivation behind the fourth been to get a new toy range on the market one that refreshes the interest of the children who buy the toys won’t go down as well. Those interested to see what Bay does with the new film they will be hoping the story will be more streamlined less complexed possibly more character driven, either way the budget been cut by $30million things will need to change.

Transformers 4 is set for a June 27 2014 release date and soon as 2013 arrives which is only a few months away I’m sure the fun will start on exactly what Transformers4 will be all about.

source Bleeding Cool


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