‘Slo-Mo’ Things Down For Fantastic New Dredd 3D Featurette

‘Slo-Mo’ Things Down For Fantastic New Dredd 3D Featurette

After the shitfest of 1995 called Judge Dredd, true fans of the Mega City One Law man have for years dreamed for years for a honest true reflection of our antihero and in September Dredd 3D will arrive. Violent, brutal, bloody, corrupt,is what we wanted and Pete Travis & Alex Garland look like they will deliver that promise, Karl Urban will be Dredd and the helmet will be staying on! Yesss!

In today’s society drugs is a problem and in Dredd’s world the problems are still there with the latest drug craze been for something called Slo-Mo. The supply is controlled by Ma Ma (Lena Headey) and when the user takes it, everything slows down to about 1% speed and on a camera using 4000 frames per second it just looks awesome to see on screen. In this new featurette from Lionsgate Towers the ‘Slo-Mo’ process is explained a process and thankfully looks like it hasn’t been overused to a point to ruin the enjoyment. What’s also amazing is how wonderful even majestic blood or smashing glass looks at slow pace!

The law man DREDD 3D cometh on September 7th in UK&Ireland (September 21st USA), starring Karl Urban, Olivia Thirlby, Lena Headey, Jason Cope, Langley Kirkwood, Kevon Kane, Joe Vaz, Warrick Grier, Scott Sparrow and Luke Tyler.


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