Defend Your Family In Full Trailer For TWILIGHT SAGA:BREAKING DAWN PART 2 Trailer!

Defend Your Family In Full Trailer For TWILIGHT SAGA:BREAKING DAWN PART 2 Trailer!

Defend Your Family with every drop of blood, sweat and tears any sane parent would just like Edward and Bella will do for their girl Renesmee you can see In the first full trailer for TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN PART 2! After learning Bella is same temperature of Edward then recently we got a first look at Cullen Junior and now we see the Cullens all together as well as uniting with other Vampire friends, Jacob as they prepare to take on the Vampire Royal archy The Volturi.It seems Renesmee’s birth is causing a stir  bringing the Vampires together especially when a false allegation is thrown at Bella and Edwards face, the trailer shows plenty of new footage and it looks like Michael Sheen will have a bigger role too.

It’s certainly kicking off in the Twilight universe, the question is does it look like the big ending Twihards are hoping for  I’m sure you’ll find out in November. This won’t convert last minute potential Twihards even if it looks like things have upped a level  it seems the Twihards of the world will be tearful for the end of their one dimensional  cash cow that Lionsgate/Summit/eOne will solely miss they will also be happy the conclusion is upon us. Come to think of it every cinephile in the world will tearful and joyful that after November 16th they’ll be no more suffering from emo vampire world!

The fifth and final instalment of the Saga stars The fifth and final instalment of the Saga stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Michael Sheen, Dakota Fanning plus a cast of many familiar faces and will be in cinemas across the UK and Ireland on November 16th.

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