“Sleep Well,Don’t Have Nightmares” THE WATCH is On Patrol Watch The Red Band Trailer

“Sleep Well,Don’t Have Nightmares” THE WATCH is On Patrol Watch The Red Band Trailer

The last time we had a look at Neighbourhood Watch they teased us with their neighbourly commitments but that was 3 months ago and the film promotion suddenly disappeared. Not because of poor feedback but the loss of a life a young life the tragic loss of Trayvon Martin shot by a neighbourhood watch man. Of course this tragic event was sadly coincidental, 20th Century Fox took time out to re- assess the situation and now the film has a new trailer (Red Band one) and a new title, THE WATCH.

The Watch comes from the Hot Rod director Akiva Schaffer starring Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill and Richard Ayoade with the the foursome play suburban dads who create a neighbourhood watch group not just to protect their streets but also to get away from the families too, only to discover a conspiracy plot against Earth.The first teaser didn’t really sell the film well though the main part of this film is a ‘Alien Invasion’ you could say this is America’s Attack The Block and with the number of crude jokes and artistic use of ‘Fuck’. It was always Fox’s intentions to show off the’ aliens section’ in a later trailer and this trailer does seem to have the sci-fi part  making this now look a more intriguing. Ridiculous, silly fun we all need once and a while as life can be too serious too often, its the summer, so lets chill-lax!

The Watch also stars Billy Crudup, Will Forte, Rosemarie DeWitt, and Nicholas Braun. with the film arrving in UK&Ireland August 29th.

source: IGN

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